Restructuring & Turnaround

Effective and efficient corporations are the cornerstone of any successful economy.

Every company, at some point in time, will require some level of restructuring. From a startup seeking investment, to a fast growing company preparing for a public offering, to a mature global enterprise seeking to re-align its market presence, corporate restructuring is a fact of life for many companies.

Althing Group helps its clients plan their operations in a manner that accounts for a company’s growth prospects, and anticipates changes in its business direction.

Once a client requires a restructuring plan, Althing Group assists them by creating a detailed plan on how to bring that effectuate the necessary change, with the minimum amount of disruption. We outline not just what is needed to produce the best results, and what is needed to maintain, and more importantly, what is needed to continue on a path of growth over time.


Corporate development can take many forms.  At Althing Group, we offer various services to help our clients grow their business.

From alliances to market development, we help our clients actively engage in the marketplace by bringing our knowledge and experience to guide and assist them at every stage of enterprise growth.