Entrepreneurship is the growth engine of the global economy. At Althing Group we have worked with dozens of startups from founding to exit.

We bring decades of industry experience from technology, biopharmaceuticals, real estate, and financial services to help our clients start and grow their ventures.

We understand the unique strategic, financial, and operational challenges of startups.

From software development to manufacturing, we can help your company realize its goals.


Every company experiences growth in different ways.

At Althing Group, we have been involved with software and hardware since the dawn of the information technology revolution.

From chip design to advanced algorithms, Althing Group has helped clients develop and implement sound plans that bring their ideas to fruition.

We bring our pioneering spirit and guide clients to put forth their best ideas in a rapid and cost-effective manner.


Every business approaches a stage of growth where they need to expand beyond their domestic markets.

Global trade has grown from 10% to 70% of world GDP in the past few decades.  Trade is now the engine of the global economy.

At Althing Group, we have helped our clients establish a presence in markets all across the globe.

In a rapidly evolving multi-faceted economy, at Althing Group, we bring the financial, legal, and technical expertise required to help our clients establish a robust presence in a market that is the appropriate next step.


Many companies grow to a point where their founders seek a merger of equals or a sale to ensure further growth.

The decision to sell a company or seek a merger partner is a strategic turning point in a company’s lifecycle.  Due diligence, analysis, and planning before taking the first step in that process are of paramount importance.

At Althing Group, we have helped various companies in their decision and process to merge or sell the business.