Higher education is experiencing tectonic shifts in the past two decades.  After experiencing rapid growth in enrolment for decades, colleges and universities are suddenly faced with multiple issues of an anticipated enrollment decline, growth of online education, and an increasing cost-conscious and results-oriented audience who clamor for degrees that will result in the highest-paying jobs. 

These forces have combined to change the landscape of college education. At Althing Group, we work with our clients to better understand and develop curricula that will enrich their students’ college experience, while maintaining the quality of their course offerings.

Life Sciences

Biotechnology has changed the face of the pharmaceutical industry over the past two decades.

From the mapping of the human genome to the development of biologic pharmaceuticals, this industry has become one of the most innovative engines of growth around the globe.

At Althing Group, we have helped various early-stage biotechnology ventures launch their products.

In a rapidly evolving multi-disciplinary industry, at Althing Group we bring drug development, software and hardware implementation of the most advanced instruments, and guide our clients to achieve their business goals. We do so by standing shoulder to shoulder with our clients and bringing a true understanding of the scientific and technical nature of their endeavor to the engagement.

Real Estate

The real estate industry is one of the backbones of the United States economy.  Encompassing a vast and dynamic subset of sectors that include commercial real estate, residential real estate, brokers, builders, bankers, and homeowners.

At Althing Group, we provide an array of professional services to the various sectors of the real estate industry.  We bring over three decades of experience in various parts of the industry.


Technology has been the growth engine of the US economy for over three decades.

At Althing Group, we have been involved with software and hardware industries since the dawn of the information technology revolution.

From chip design to advanced algorithms, Althing Group has helped clients develop and implement sound plans that bring their ideas to fruition.

We bring our pioneering spirit and guide clients to put forth their best ideas in a rapid and cost-effective manner. We have experience in every aspect of technology development, implementation, licensing, and transfer in both domestic and international markets.

We bring our expertise to the service of our clients at a time when they need to build, develop, implement, and protect their technology at every stage of a company’s growth.

Technology development and commercialization require both the academic and experiential knowledge of multiple disciplines and differing markets in order to successfully bring a technology product to fruition. At Althing Group, we will help bridge the gap needed for a successful technology development project.