At Althing Group, we conduct both internal research and original research commissioned by our clients on a variety of subject matters.  From product development to market research we have the depth and breadth of expertise combined with the academic resources to produce research and reports for our clients.

Our clients rely on our expertise and dedication to produce original and proprietary research that propels their business forward.  From market development research for an early-stage biopharmaceutical company to compliance research for our financial services clients, Althing Group brings its team to each engagement with the goal of producing a caliber of work product that a business can utilize for mission-critical decisions.


Financial planning and execution are two foundations of a growing business. At Althing Group, we have the tools and knowledge to help you build and implement yours.

Whether you’re starting a small life sciences company or are an aspiring software giant, we’ve done it before.  Financial planning is a useful tool for forecasting, benchmarking, and setting metrics for the business to follow in the future. It is also an essential tool for a startup that wishes to engage in early-stage financing.

Financial markets have experienced a tectonic shift in the last two decades.  Globalization, systemic crises, novel products, and the exponential expansion of the industry each led to significant changes in the industry. At Althing Group, we have the regulatory and industry experience to help our clients navigate through a changing landscape.

Althing Group brings together a unique combination of academic and practical knowledge reservoir to our clients.  From Dodd-Frank to Basel III, we help our clients develop a comprehensive strategy on how to successfully comply with new regulations.


Effective, efficient operations are the cornerstone of any successful enterprise.

Every company, at some point in time, will require some level of restructuring. From a startup seeking investment, to a fast growing company preparing for a public offering, to a mature global enterprise seeking to re-align its market presence, corporate restructuring is a fact faced by many companies.

The Althing Group helps its clients plan their operations in a manner that accounts for a company’s growth prospects, and anticipates changes in its business direction.

Once a client requires a restructuring plan, The Althing Group assists them by creating a detailed plan on how to bring that effectuate the necessary change, with the minimum amount of disruption. We outline not just what is needed to produce the best results, and what is needed to maintain, and more importantly, what is needed to continue on a path of growth over time.