We live in a world of rapid change. A world where today’s business models are tomorrow’s fads. A world where the old answers do not apply and the new answers seem even less appealing. The concrete axioms of yesterday have led to the abstractions of today. Within these abstractions lay a grand story. One that promises to change the world. At Althing Group, we believe that changes in the business world will surpass and overwhelm any in previous times in the coming years. We believe the world is going through a second and greater Industrial Revolution.

At Althing Group, we guide our clients in developing and implementing strategies to help them survive and thrive through this revolution by bringing together the experts to support each client.


We bring a depth of knowledge and breadth of expertise to the industries we serve.Your Content Goes Here


We guide our clients in the development and implementation of strategies that will help them survive and thrive by implementing their business goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner.