• Global Reach

    At The Althing Group, we have a presence on three continents to better serve our clients at every corner of the globe.

  • Market Development

    We help you build a lasting presence in each and every market you desire.

  • Risk Management

    Banking risk can never be entirely eliminated, but we help you minimize and mitigate your operational, portfolio and even potential systemic risk.

  • Compliance

    Regulations change and evolve, leaving compliance an ongoing quest.


Regulatory compliance, from Dodd-Frank to processing agency applications for medical devices, requires a knowledgeable and diligent hand. Find out what we can do for you.


Every business requires capital to grow. We provide advisory services to our clients in order to help them develop an optimal financial strategy for their business.


Corporate strategy is an integral part of our services offering. From new market development and transactional advisory to a restructuring, we have the experience and expertise to meet your needs.

An Assembly of Experts

We live in a world of rapid change. A world where today’s business models are tomorrow’s fads. A world where the old answers do not apply, and the new answers seem even less appealing. The concrete axioms of yesterday, have led to the abstractions of today. Within these abstractions lay a grand story. One that promises to change the world. At The Althing Group, we believe that in the coming years changes in the business world will surpass and overwhelm any in previous times. We believe that the world is going through a second, and greater, Industrial Revolution.

At The Althing Group, we guide our clients in the development and implementation of strategies that will help them survive and thrive through this revolution, by bringing together an assembly of experts to support each client.

Industry Expertise Global Reach

At The Althing Group, we are a group of subject matter experts with decades of experience in the Information Technology, Biopharmaceutical, Health Care and Real Estate industries, as engineers, managers, executives and entrepreneurs. We realize that every successful enterprise has that unique combination of art and science. At The Althing Group, we help our clients develop both the art and the science.

Industry Expertise
Global Reach